Giving back is what we are here to do!

10,000 Kids Toothbrushes!

That's what you helped us donate to America's Tooth Fairy in 2018 as a participant in their SmileDrive. We couldn't be more proud of that accomplishment but know there is more great work to do.

Back at the beginning of 2017 when the idea to create a brand that simply focused on reducing waste and helping others was just being tossed around in my head I had no idea it would so quickly turn into a brand that would help so many people. Our goal when we launched the brand and our toothbrushes back at the beginning of 2018 was to simply make enough in return to fulfill our promise of one pack, one brush. We accomplished our goal!

It was such as pleasure being able to provide the folks at America's Tooth Fairy with over 10,000 kids toothbrushes. They immediately had a use for them and were placing the toothbrushes into kits the following week to be shipped off to schools and doctors offices. It's amazing to think that even today there are kids in every community that can't brush their teeth on a daily basis because they don't have their own toothbrush or they have to share a toothbrush with a family member.

Heading into 2019 it's our goal to break the 10,000 mark again and we would love it if we could get to the 15,000 mark.

For more information on the work the National Children's Oral Health Foundation (America's Tooth Fairy) is doing please visit their website by clicking the link above or by going to

Thank you,
Adam & The SimpliGOOD Family